A Message To Lovers of Freedom

Truth and justice win every time

Friends and fellow lovers of freedom,

I’m writing to let you know this- when they shout you down, when they call you names, when they throw stones, it is because they know you’re into something great enough to threaten their lies!

In the past several days, we’ve seen the swamp and Big Tech not only go after our President, Donald J. Trump, but brand half the country as disgraceful.

But I’ve read it from the source, and I’ve witnessed history, and I can tell you one thing.

Love wins, truth wins, justice wins.

God wins.

I will be continuing our regular program the World According to Ben Stein, posting on Facebook (for as long as I can), and will continue to be regular on Parler as soon as everything is up and running independently of Amazon!

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Your humble servant,

Ben Stein 

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