BLM Support Has Plummeted

Burning down buildings and assaulting people will do that


The election is long gone and over, and President Biden has (I guessed) cured racism. I guess this means Black Lives Matter has done their job and we can all walk out and cry to the heavens our love for them, right?

Right? Anyone?

According to TheBlaze:

The one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd occurs next week on May 25. Following the deaths of Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery last year, support for Black Lives Matter skyrocketed. 

However, just as fast as the support for Black Lives Matter soared, the backing of the movement quickly plummeted, according to analysis from the New York Times.

The so-called "newspaper of record" investigated the sudden and startling decline in support for Black Lives Matter, but did not make any mention of the riots that burned American cities for months, which often spawned from BLM protests.

"Notably, support for the movement peaked in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd's death and then swiftly declined," the New York Times article read. The decline was so significant that "Republicans and white people have actually become less supportive of Black Lives Matter than they were before the death of George Floyd — a trend that seems unlikely to reverse anytime soon."

Hmm, guess committing acts of domestic terrorism across America isn’t really that popular.

Your humble servant, 

Ben Stein

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