Did the Afghan President Really Take Millions?

Let's hear his side


It seems that the president of the former Afghan government has finally showed back up, and he has some explaining to do.

According to Fox News:

In a statement Wednesday morning, exiled Afghan president Ashraf Ghani defended his decision to flee Kabul in August as the Taliban closed in.

Ghani wrote that he had left at the "urging of the palace security" who had advised him that "to remain risked setting off the same horrific street-to-street fighting the city had suffered during the Civil War of the 1990s."

He said that leaving Afghanistan's capital was the "most difficult decision" of his life but that he believed it was the only way to save the city of millions.

"I have devoted 20 years of my life to helping the Afghan people work toward building a democratic, prosperous, and sovereign state -- it was never my intent to abandon the people or that vision," Ghani wrote.

The leader next sought to again address what he called the "baseless allegations" that he had taken millions of dollars belonging to the Afghan people as he left Kabul.

"These charges are completely and categorically false. Corruption is a plague that has crippled our country decades and fighting corruption has been a central focus of my efforts as president," he wrote. "I inherited a monster that could not easily or quickly be defeated."

Read the rest here.

Do you believe him? Let me know in the comments.

Your humble servant,

Ben Stein

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