Vacationing Just Became Way More Expensive

Thanks Biden


Did you think gas was the only thing becoming more expensive? Have you flown on a plane or stayed at a hotel lately and noticed those things became more expensive too?

According to CNBC:

The number of people traveling again is on the rise. So are prices.

Airfares and hotel rates are climbing as travelers return in the highest numbers since the pandemic began, hitting beaches, mountains and visiting friends and family after a year of being cooped up. 

Even the cost of a road trip is climbing as gasoline prices reach the highest levels since 2014.

The rock-bottom fares hit during the depths of the pandemic were largely in the rearview mirror earlier this spring. Now airlines and hotels are gearing up for a bustling summer, and a rise in bookings is driving up prices even more. Add to that airlines are not flying as much as they did pre-pandemic, so travelers can expect some full flights ahead.

Domestic U.S. fares are up 9% since April 1 while international fares are up 17%, according to research from Bernstein published this week. And fares are continuing to rise.

“For domestic travel, the June line is closest as it has ever been this past year to the prepandemic values,” the report said.

You can read the full article here

Is this a good sign or a bad one? Only time will tell as we continue to venture into this “new normal” one day at a time.

Your humble servant, 

Ben Stein

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