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This is what I’m thinking:

Dear NE,

Did you forget Biden is President?

Biden is weak? No Biden is a CORRUPT psychopath.

Biden is on the take

Biden took $1.5 billion or a lot more from China

Biden left $85 billion in Afghanistan for who? The Taliban to give to China or who else? What is Biden’s kickback? Remember 10% for the ‘big guy’ but now the ‘big guy’ is president, surely he gets a hell of a lot more than 10%.

How much did Biden take from Russia?

How much will Biden get from Russia by shutting down US pipelines, shutting down the Israel-Cyrpus-Europe pipeline, ok’ing the Nordstream pipeline, not shutting down energy from Russia after Russia invaded Ukraine and not reopening US pipelines and guess what?

in addition to billions in kickbacks from Russia, Putin invades Ukraine with Biden’s full consent and that also serves as Biden’s payback to the Ukrainians for double crossing Biden and working with Trump and exposing their dealings of Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, Romney, Obama, Clinton and their children and cronies and every other dirty Democrat and RINO involved?

Putin is a WEF member, even though WEF took down his bio, Putin wants to implement Klaus Schwab’s fourth industrial Revolution. Putin could have gotten rid of Schwab and Soros any time he wanted and he hasn’t.

This is the simplest reason and the most likely reason of all.

Remember Zelensky made a point of publicly burning records on Day 1 - that’s exactly what Biden and his cabal wanted to see. They are making Zelensky beg for his life and his families’ life. Zelensky wouldn’t take the US offer to fly him out because the US would make sure he was killed in flight - very easy to arrange.

In the end all the worlds’ megalomaniacs get exactly what they want and Ukrainians are screwed just like all of the little people world wide are screwed by the Globalist WEF Kakistocracy.

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