Still Alive and Kicking!

No one can keep free people apart


The last several days I have been overwhelmed by your love, support, and kind words. The world may seem dark, but simple words of support and unseen acts of kindness shine a brighter light than you can imagine.

First is first- I want to thank you for signing up for my new newsletter and sharing it with friends and family. I promise you will never, ever be spammed or treated like a commodity. I treat this as just you and I corresponding, and staying connected in a world where free speech and free thoughts and free acts are radical acts. So no product pitches, no sponsored blasts, none of that nonsense- just you and I, having a conversation like old friends do.

For all my amazing Parler people, no matter how loud they scream and hard they try, this is proof they can’t separate free men and women from each other. Even if we’d have to communicate by smoke signal or carrier pigeon, we’d find a way! Just know that I am with you now as we face these challenges together. If we luckily get Parler back as my insider sources say, I promise to share them with you.

It is very clear (and rightfully understood) that many of you (yes! I read every single comment you make) are disenchanted with the other social media platforms, as am I. For the time being, we have to make due with what we can and will continue to put out podcasts and livestreams which you can all join every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm PST on YouTube.

To finish off my correspondence to you today, I’d like to cap off with a fun and special announcement! To make up for posting regularly on Parler for the time being, our diligent team is producing a new segment on The World According to Ben Stein YouTube channel, which we’re calling “Side Ben’s.” These are short videos with my thoughts, observations, and messages you can watch, share, and comment on. We’ll be starting these very soon so please subscribe and hit the bell icon on our YouTube channel so you get notifications when we go live and update with new content.

Until next time, your friend and humble servant,

Ben Stein

P.S. In case you didn’t catch it earlier, I do look at the comment section and love the interaction! Let me know if you’d like more updates or less going forward. This is and always has been about you, and for you.

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