I have a busy time, but can not let it go without a comment: "Actor Tim Matheson swipes Melania Trump, praises Jill Biden: Nice to have a First Lady who 'can speak English!'" Tim Matheson: IT WAS SO NICE TO HAVE HAD A FIRST LADY WHO IS CULTURED, WHO CAN SPEAK SEVERAL LANGUAGES, ( NOT JUST ONE LIKE YOU OR MRS. BIDEN) IT IS OF POOR EDUCATION TO ONLY KNOW HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH... And I also have to say: MELANIA does not need to be on any magazine cover... She is too elegant to compare to many of those who are on magazine covers. She would put to shame many! and for the so called "dr. Jill" dr? OF WHAT? DR. OF ONLY ONE LANGUAGE.? that is very poor. There was a time when the USA believed that every nation needed to speak English. I must say... not anymore. MANY PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES SPEAK MORE THAN ONE LANGUAGE. NO OFFENSE, BUT AMERICANS CAN ONLY SPEAK ONE, AND SOMETIMES VERY POOR ENGLISH, . "COME ON MAN"!!! So for that "actor" I would advice that if you only speak a "Hollywood English" MELANIA TRUMP COULD TEACH YOU MORE THAN ONE LANGUAGE. I HAVE NOT MUCH PRIDE KNOWING THAT MRS. BIDEN ONLY SPEAKS ENGLISH, (I, a humble legal immigrant do speak THREE LANGUAGES, and I was raised in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY) Those who label themselves "Actors"! To read a script for a movie?, maybe it is a talent, but not necessarily indicative of a good education. Sorry if I have offended.

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Your words of wisdom keep me going. I feel like I have just lost my best friend. In just 48 hr (or less ), Biden has caused so much chaos by signing all those horrible EOs. I can't comprehend why Democrats find so much enjoyment in destroying our beautiful nation and in impeaching the best president we ever had.

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Lady from TN still reading, watching, and thankful I signed up for this news letter! Thanks Ben

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“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭55:8-9‬ ‭ESV‬‬. Be blessed

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What is so hard to understand, much less believe, is that this many people have been convinced through any number of means, that they would be better off without the two most sacred God-given rights, freedom and salvation.

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Some inspiring words are taking from Minister DUTCH SHEETS (Give HIM 15)

Satan hates Geographical locations that have become meaningful to God and His People. When possible he seeks to defile them using perversion, violence, covenant breaking, idolatry and the shedding of innocent blood. Things are out of control in America, every part of society is screaming for cause minded, followers of Christ to rise and represent HIM. America must wake up to our true condition, if not America will become the "frog in the kettle"

Through some years we have been dying, not of Covit, but a Spiritual Virus, and we do not even know it. Like the band on the TITANIC, we continue to play while the Ship is sinking. Like once Hitler indoctrinad the very young, while adults were still dancing on the streets. Yes! we have hope for America, but for hope and optimism to be legitimate they must exist in the light of reality. We may have convinced ourselves that if we wait long enough, the shocking and evil political giants of the land will go away and live us alone. Satan however has no intention of letting up in his relentless assault on America.

Positive change will only come when the people of Passion arise to the challenge, and meet the enemy in spiritual battle. I am convinced that the problem in America more than a Political is a SPIRITUAL problem, We can destroy Evil, but only in a decisive participation to proclaim Good against evil, Truth against Lies, Christ against Satan. It will take a gigantic participation, and with great sacrifice. Always with our hands firm on the plow! never look back, always looking ahead and the light will shine over darkness!

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I especially enjoyed these last two episodes, both were very informative and extremely entertaining. I can’t wait for Ken to back and tell us more about what goes on inside the news room, and more about things like CDN.

It must be very strange for such a brilliant and humble man to embodied by fame, and understandably the wealth that comes with it. You deserve ever blessing get, and much more.

Thank you Mr. Stein for spending your efforts and time on making America a happy, healthy, and prosperous place to live, and I thank you Judah for allowing me to be a part of The World According To Ben Stein and a part of your life.

God bless you both, and God Bless America!🇺🇸

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Thank you for the much needed reminder. God bless you and yours.

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Our King is already seated in heaven! We survived Nero and 2000 years plus of persecution...what’s four more years? God bless!

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Thank you Ben! Praying for you and your family, America and Trump families!!!

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Thank you all for bringing light into the darkness. Praying for y’all , for Mr Trump and his family, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. Praying for America.

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what happened to Ben's Newsletters? IT IS ALL FINISHED? NOBODY COMMENTS ANYMORE?


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Father, thank You for Your great mercy. Even when we are unfaithful, You remain faithful. And in Your great love, You are coming to rescue our nation. You are coming to set many free from their addictions and bondages. You are coming to free millions from deception and the power of darkness. And You are coming to establish Yourself as King and Redeemer. Nothing will stop this.

Just as You birthed America for Your sovereign purposes, You are re-birthing us. The Reset has begun. We are returning to You and returning to Your ways. We are also returning to our purpose. Revival is coming to this land and we will experience it in its fullness: coast to coast, north to south, and everywhere in between. It will be sweeping and powerful beyond our wildest dreams. Signs and wonders will be prevalent. Deliverance will be profound. And the reformation of our nation will happen much more quickly than most believe possible. We ask for this, decree it boldly, and believe it is so, in Jesus’ name…Amen.

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I looked at this page, unfortunately i feel like I am writing too much, and even more unfortunate, NOBODY who SHOULD read, like Senators, politicians and corrupt government will ever read or hear about us. Then my question to BEN STEIN, and other subscribers is: DOES IT DO ANY GOOD TO WRITE OPINIONS? IS THERE A PORPUSE? WHO BENEFITS FROM COMMENTS? I am not sure.

Today I am searching for answers to a question from somebody well versed in religious and science, the question is: WHAT HAPPENS TO CONSCIOUS/SOUL AFTER DEATH? ANY REPLY WILL BE HELPFUL. I learned in catequesis in Catholic Schools, but as years are going by, and I became older I QUESTION MYSELF. Too many doubts about religion I was taught as a child. Also have questions about the Bible. First New Testament writing (Gospel) comes from Matthew and HE start writing 25 years after JESUS death by recollecting people's stories. How true were their recollections after 25 years? I sometimes do not remember events from last 2 years!!!!

See, what I meant by writing too much? as they say: "here she goes again" Sorry!

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Senator MITT ROMNEY says: " TO UNITE TO NEEDS TO BE ACCOUNTABILITY" Yes! I say. Mitt Romney shall we start with ACCOUNTABILITY?

1- Four long years of Cheating, Lying, persecuting a Presidente lawfully elected in Congress. Shall we start here?

2- What about accountability for the DOJ failures to prosecute the criminals in the FBI who knowingly presented FALSE accusations (dossier) and Lied to the FISA C.?

3- What about the Clinton's Foundation that was just a "cash cow" for their own benefits?

4- What about the FBI sweeping under the rug Hillary's Classified e-mails. The murder of Seth Rich on the street of Washington ( to silence him)

5- What about the FBI-DOJ knowingly setting up a "special counsel" to prosecute a president under the "hoax of Russia Collusion", wasting $40 Million of taxpayers money

6 - What about all the RIOTS and Looting in the Summer causing $BILLIONS and many in your Circle supported and kept silence why the thugs killed Police and Innocent people?

7 - Why YOU and your "crooks in Congress" keep silence when we all know the corrupt and elicit business dealing of the BIDEN family in Ukraine, China and others? are you "an associate" in crime?

8- What about the ELECTION FRAUD. Yes! you and Congress, the Supreme Court, the DOS, FBI know it is true? But you all in the false name of "Democracy" lied to 75 Million people?

9- What about accoutability to CHINA, who we all know send us the VIRUS, Destroyed families, ruined economies, and YOU IN CONGRESS, are silent? where is the accountability there? or are you all CORRUPT in Congress just waiting for time to pass and we all will forget about? NO, ask the families who lost loved ones if they will forget? or is it in the name OF BUSINESS of so many corrupt politicians will continue doing with China? Why is the FBI having TRUE information about Hunter Biden corrupt dealings and the FBI, and you in CONGRESS keep silent because you Mitt Ronmey voted for the corrupt to get him in the W.H. and pretend all is OK, and we, THE PEOPLE, shall just forget it? I could go on and on....

10- MITT RONMEY and CONGRESS: if you want to UNITE THE COUNTRY, THERE NEEDS TO BE ACCOUNTABILITY, yes!!! EQUAL ACCOUNTABIITY. You will NEVER UNITE, if you only pursue "accountability" when it is to your convinience, and on "SELECTIVE" CRIMES!!! NO! it does not work that way. WE, 80 MILLIONS TAXPAYERS, CAN NOT!!! UNITE WHEN WE LEAVE UNDER A CORRUPT SYSTEM WHERE THE LAW IS NOT APPLIED EQUALY. You in Congress CREATED SO MUCH HATE, it is impossible to UNITE. And you continue with the PERSECUTION of a MAN, a PRESIDENT who is more decent that many of you in CONGRESS and at the FBI, CIA, DOJ. That is a TRAVESTY. You have been elected to do the PEOPLE'S BUSINESS. You are OUR EMPLOYEES, we pay for your waste of money, salaries and all the perks you get for just DOING ZERO por the good of the Nation. SENATOR ROMNEY and all those crook in Congress, DO YOUR JOB! there is much work to be done for the NATION. CLEAN YOUR HOUSE OF CORRUPTION, AND IF NOT CAPABLE THEN GET OUT AND GET A JOB!!! We are tired of YOUR ABUSE. Yes, You have abused a PRESIDENT, and you continue to abuse millions of Americans. We know about your lies, your personal interests that is nothing more than HATE. CLEANSE YOURSELVES, That is what WE, THE PEOPLE. ARE DEMANDING "ACCOUNTABILITY"

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How far in ignorance and stupidity has the MEDIA GONE??? When Press Secretary asked about ABORTION that BIDEN and KAMALA HARRIS support, and they SUPPORT UP TO THE 9 MONTH ( birth of a baby) HER RESPONSE WAS; BIDEN IS A DEVOTE CATHOLIC... What? YOU CAN NOT BE A DEVOTE CATHOLIC AND SUPPORT ABORTION, period!!! to whom is Biden praying when he goes to church? to SATAN... not to GOD. BIDEN SUPPORT ABORTION UP TO THE 9 MONTH! HE IS THEN A CRIMINAL. A MURDERER, and so is KAMALA HARRIS. Just enough of CONVENIENT IGNORANCE, If we keep silence we also approve it and become murderers of an innocent child. I wish BIDEN has his EAR PIECE ON to listen at night the SCREEMS OF BABIES WHEN THEY ARE SLAUGTHER WHILE COMING OUT FROM THE MOTHERS BIRTH CANAL. Yes, it is a CRIME. IT IS A BABY THEY ARE KILLING. No need to find excuses, and for the press secretary to say : "he is a devote catholic" NO HE IS NOT... YOU CAN NOT HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO. BIDEN AND EVERYBODY WHO SUPPORTS ABORTION need to be EXCUMULGATED from the Catholic Church. Silence from the CHURCH? then the Church is criminal as well. I have had it with all the EXCUSES... And as I wrote below "OUR DECAY IN AMERICA IS NOT BECAUSE OF POLITICAL CORRUTION BUT BECAUSE OF SPIRITUAL DECAY. God have mercy on us!!! Since Abortion was permitted over 40 MILLION BABIES HAVE BEEN MURDERED IN USA. HOW ON EARTH CAN WE BE CALLED A CHRISTIN NATION??? let me know... I can not approve the definition.

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